Registration for Individuals

There are two ways to register for any program, with your credit card or with a pre-purchased Session Key provided to you by your Company.

It is important to note that if you are an individual – whether registering as a sole proprietor or as an employee of a company, you should register as an "Individual" when selecting your Account Type (see below.)

individual account type pull-down option

NOTE: Selecting “Company” as your Account Type will register you as a Company Administrator and not a Student, and will not allow you to start your course until you are approved as an Administrator. Take care to always register as an Individual if you simply want to register and complete your course immediately.

After selecting your Account type, then select your Port. You will then need to add your Company in the “Select or Add Your Company” field. Simply type the first few letters of your company, and if is already available in the system, click on the company name and move on. If your company is not already available, click the “Add New Company” link when it appears (see below.)

add company pull-down field

After you have entered your Account Type, Port and Company, just enter remaining information (name, email, etc.) and complete your registration process. Your final step will be entering your credit card for payment or the Session Key provided by your Company Administrator.

If you were given a Session Key, simply enter the key in the provided field at checkout and you will not be charged anything for your course (see below.)

session key entry field


You will then be given a printable receipt for your records and can start your course immediately by clicking the “Begin Course” link or by clicking the course name.

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If you have already registered or taken a course with PortTraining in the past, click on the green "Login" button below and login with your prior credentials. If you don't remember your login, don't worry. Just click the "Forgot my Password" link on the login screen and you can easily setup a new password and complete your enrollment.

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